Tourism access economic growth?

There is a wanderer in every one looking to get some good moods that each journey can contribute. For journeys effective remedy for all kinds of unhappiness.

The number of tourist  are increasing day by day, for the thirst for exploration is increasing and the tradition concepts of saving money for future requirements casted away by the post modern generation. The Lucrative concept “eat drink and make merry” has been accepted worldwide.

The tourism industry in every country marks sunning growth these years though financial unstabilities and fluctuations in global markets. The increasing demand for tourist culture proved a help hand for undeveloped and under developed regions to gain international recognitions.

The Development of tourism fostered other associated products and services. Sudden increase in the field of restaurants, hotels, constructions, etc is remarkable. The economic growth supported by the tourism industry is favorable and hopeful.

The next era of tourism industry is not fully confined to tourist activities alone. People are aware about the multiple possibilities behind tourism industry. Health tourism and cosmetology treatments get higher responses with tourist packages. Packages on health and treatments attracted a wide range of customers for some treatments on cosmetology costs high compared to the abroad rates.


The packages which arrange treatment and entertainment at a single journey summons a wide range of tourists.  Practitioners with foreign degrees are putting hands with this amazing contracts are warmly welcomed.

The advancements in this discipline attract greater investments. Launching of high return guaranteed plans are identified and recognized widely. The next generation tourism covers multiple areas of service. Tomorrow tourism will be a simple answer for all quiries


Kerala Wedding; A Sketch

101Its my new venture to begin with a blog to introduce how Kerala society and culture is going around in Post modern era of revolutionary discoveries.  Kerala the place is still enriched with the virtues of the past generation. People are still evaluate the good old days though it was starvation or miseries. Each Malayalee is passionate on his heritage and ancestral customs. The rituals are rich in performance and are symbolic. Each tradition of  Kerala is diverse and excellent. Communal harmony (people of different castes and sub castes lives together without any inter caste problems) is a proof of the state’s tolerance and fratenity.1 (1)

Let me begin with marriage, marriage is considered to be a holy bondage and must be kept with honesty and sincerity till the end. The Mangalya sutram (mostly a gold pendent)must be kept with care and should always wearing bride’s neck. Thali is groom’s presentation and should be kept as  a worth till the death of the lady. Dowry is another important factor of marriage, its considered as a curse and benefit at times. When it comes o the terms of compulsion it becomes a social evil, but at times the wealth proved to be more beneficial after the wedding ceremonies. The bride is provided with gold ornaments or wealth on wedding occasion as gifts from parents. Often the dowry systems disguised as devil when more demands on wealth (like auction) takes place after/before the marriage.We wonder at the sight of a bride with ornaments and jasmine flowers. Wearing saree and light (nilavilakku) creates a heavenly feel. Mostly the marriage takes place in Temples or Specially decided places. The Whole marriage function performed at the presence of Fire (or Agni). According to myths fire is the sakshi of every ritual, representing the presence of God the Creator and the Destroyer.

Each married women must keep her Mangalya sutram as precious, and must bear the Sindhuram on her forehead announcing her love, and faith on her husband.Each married women is represented as the symbol of prosperity with her presence. The sight of a married woman is admiring. Though they were bound by the old customs and beliefs they are faithful, tolerant and honest till their last breath.


Time slot 5.30 pm to 6.15 pm

It’s really a sunny evening today. Both my children gathered around garden with my husband to pluck some guavas. It was interesting to see my boy who is of eighteen months come with a huge stick (as he can afford) to assist his father. There were two ripe guavas at the top of the tree and was unreachable. But some how they tried maximum to help father with such an eagerness to get it any way. But it was damn sure that it is unreachable and three of them returned back.

Merryl On His Garden

Merryl On His Garden

Rachel my eldest daughter demanded for going out to take a round with bicycle. But its denied by the youngest instead he brought his favorite ball to play with him. Father amused with his proposal and came forward to instruct him about how to play with ball. He was very eagerly listened what his father said to him. He put his ball and father came forward and gave a kick .Astonishing us all the boy came forward and take his favorite ball from the ground and ran away. It was his favorite one and He did n’t allow no one to kick it , for the ball got pained he think. He ran with the ball here and there when his papa asked for the ball to play with him.

Naughty days    will be continued….